Caring for Sensitive Skin: Tips and Product Recommendations for Teens

Caring for Sensitive Skin: Tips and Product Recommendations for Teens

As a teenager you already have a lot on your plate to deal with, on top of this having a sensitive skin that won’t just let you win can be tough. The trouble of choosing the right products for your sensitive skin and developing your teenage skincare routine that is suitable for your sensitive skin just adds to the already existing pile of issues. 

But before you get into choosing products, keep in mind that before products it's your lifestyle, your habits that is going to have a huge impact on your skin. Try to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, maintain a healthy diet, don’t experiment any new product on yourself under hype or peer pressure. 

Additionally, developing a healthy skincare routine which is not too complex or time consuming for you can follow everyday. This skincare routine is going to be your holy grail when it comes to caring for your sensitive skin.    

Teenage Skincare Issues

With teenage skin comes a lot of skin issues that can be aggravated by smallest of changes especially with sensitive skin. We all make some mistakes while caring for our skin, but here are some of the most common mistakes that each one of us has done and are doing that should be avoided. 

  • Touching your face often 
  • Poking pimples 
  • Using any random product 
  • Not having a skincare routine
  • Neglecting sun protection
  • Not hydrating the skin and body 
  • Skipping meals 
  • Not testing products prior 
  • Avoiding reading ingredients list
  • Over exfoliation 
  • Improper cleansing 
  • Wearing makeup to bed 

Teenage Skincare Tips

It’s okay to make mistakes but what’s important is to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them. For sensitive skin, keep in mind that products that you are going to use can cause skin irritation if you are not careful enough. 

Another thing, when it comes to skincare, especially teenage skincare with sensitive skin there are no shortcuts. You have to be consistent with your skincare routine or else it's just a waste of time and money. Moving on here are some tips that you need to follow while caring for your sensitive skin. 

  • Before you purchase any skincare products do a thorough research about the brand, their products, and the ingredients they are using. 
  • Hydrate your skin with moisturizer for teenagers
  • Develop you teenage skincare
  • While purchasing the products focus on the ingredients they are using. 
  • Don’t introduce any new products to your routine all of a sudden. 
  • Wear sunscreen throughout the year
  • Avoid over cleansing and over exfoliating your face 
  • Use face wash for teenagers

Products for Teenage Skincare

Although it becomes difficult to trust anyone when it comes to skincare products, we have curated a list of products that are safe to use for teenage sensitive skin and can be easily incorporated into the skincare routine.  

Additionally, incorporate products from brands like Fabbeu that are teenage centric and are formulating products for the teenage skincare. Some of the recommended products are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid

This is one of the key ingredients that is found in most of the teenager skin care products because of its ability to retain moisture, and with its antioxidant properties can help reduce the redness as well. Additionally, it also helps in healing acne. 

  • Niacinamide 

Another important ingredient here to help treat the sensitive skin acne, pigmentation, and help generating new skin cells. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps with oil production, and prevents acne and enlarged pores. 

  • PHA

Polyhydroxy Acid or commonly known as PHA is the perfect ingredient for sensitive skin as it is gentle on skin due to its large molecular size. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are further helpful for soothing the sensitive skin.

  • Low or neutral pH

Products with neutral or low pH are gentle on skin and won’t cause irritation, redness or itching which might lead to aggravated skin issues. 

  • Moisturizer 

For sensitive skin it is equally essential to moisturize the skin with a light-weight moisturizer for teenagers. This light-weight moisturizer is recommended with ingredients such as Niacinamide. You can browse the Blue Light Moisturizer by Fabbeu which not only protects against sun and blue light radiation but also moisturizes the skin. 

  • Face wash

Use a mild cleanser that can gently exfoliate and cleanse your face without causing damage such as Hail Hydration face wash for teenagers by Fabbeu that contain shea butter, glycolic acid, vitamin E and other ingredients. These are all very mild for the sensitive skin. 

  • Sunscreen 

Most important product for teenage skincare is having a good sunscreen. Here you can either go with the Sun stoppable sunscreen with SPF 50 or Blue Light Moisturizer by Fabbeu. 

Both these products are highly effective in offering protection against harmful sun radiation. These consist of ingredients such as Niacinamide, Suncate DE, and others. 

Fabbeu and Teenage Skincare

Having sensitive skin and caring for it can be a tedious task especially when it comes to teenage skincare. Also due to the reason that although there are so many skincare products and brands available in the market, not one brand is here to cater to the needs of teenagers. 

But an emerging brand like Fabbeu is formulating products suitable for teenagers and designing products to care for their sensitive skin and their skin issues as well. They have a plethora of teenager skincare products available to choose from. 

Being a teenage centric brand, Fabbeu is constantly trying to address and provide products for teenage skincare. For more details browse through the products available. 


1. What are the tips for sensitive skin?

Ans. Having a sensitive skin and caring for it can be challenging, hence developing a skincare routine with teenage skin care products that are suitable for sensitive skin and will help to care for your skin type. 

2. How can I glow my sensitive skin naturally?

Ans. Teenage skin care can be complex for sensitive skin, ensuring that your skin is getting enough nourishment start by incorporating teenage skin care products that are suitable for your sensitive skin. Add a lightweight yet hydrating moisturizer, add a SPF 50 sunscreen and deep cleansing facewash. 

3. How can I make my sensitive skin clear?

Ans. Start by using a suitable face wash for teenagers that can help remove impurities from your skin and unclog the pores making your skin appear more clear and youthful. Next apply a lightweight moisturizer that is hydrating and finish by applying a matte sunscreen with SPF 50. 

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