An Interesting Comparison Of Skincare Routines Followed By Gen-Z, Millennials, And Boomers.

An Interesting Comparison Of Skincare Routines Followed By Gen-Z, Millennials, And Boomers.

We live in an age where a large chunk of purchase decisions across industries are made by Gen-Z consumers. Over time, the choices, needs, and preferences of consumers have changed with change across generations. Today, there are the Gen-Z consumers who are well-informed, ‘woke’, and see brands as an extension of their personalities. Before them, the market was ruled by millennials who were smitten by external beauty and were lured by celebrity endorsements. Before the millennials were the boomers whose needs were pretty simple and straightforward.

Just like their choices in brands, the skincare routines followed by different generations have changed over time. This has made skincare and beauty brands alter their marketing strategies to persuade the customers and make them purchase their offerings. Although millennials and Gen-Z consumers have the maximum influence in the skincare market and the boomers are losing relevance, it is interesting to see the changes in trends with every passing generation.

Here, we would talk about the morning and night skincare routines of an average boomer, millennial, and Gen-Z consumer.

The Streamlined Boomers

Boomers often follow a skincare routine that is simple, straightforward, and streamlined. 

Morning Routine

The morning of an average boomer starts simply by washing their faces thoroughly with water. After they have washed their faces, they prefer applying softeners by patting lightly on their faces and necks until they are fully absorbed.

Boomers also prefer using day cream to keep their skin soft, supple, and glowing. They end their morning routine by applying eye cream to keep their skin youthful.

Night Routine

The night routine of an average boomer starts with washing their face and applying a cleanser or a scrub to go with it. The next steps are more or less similar to the ones followed during the morning routine. They pat softeners on their faces and necks, followed by a skin infusion cream. Finally, they end their night by applying their favorite eye cream to keep their skin nourished as they sleep.

The Sunscreen Savvy Millennials

For some strange reason, millennials are in love with sunscreens! You must have seen your friends yearn for sunscreen lotions before heading out of the house and advising you to do the same.

Morning Routine

The morning skincare routine of an average millennial starts by washing their face with a hydrating cleanser. Millennials are fond of cleansers as they are light and hydrating, keeping their skin supple. They also prefer using toner to keep their skin tone even and maintain the softness of their skin.

If their skin feels a little dry, boomers would always prefer using a trusted moisturizer, followed by an effective eye cream. Due to aging, millennials prefer using under-eye creams to deal with dull skin around the eye patches.

Finally, their days start by applying sunscreen on a daily basis. Millennials strongly believe that the lotion would keep their skin safe and they don’t need anything else for their morning routine!

Night Routine

The night skincare routine of millennials is not too different from the day. Their night routine starts with applying a cleaner and toning their skin effectively. Many millennials also prefer using peelers at night to keep their skin youthful. After applying their daily eye cream, they end their night with their favorite moisturizer.

The Multi-tasking Gen-Z Consumers

Gen-Z consumers have the most unique and dynamic skincare routine of all three generations. They love experimenting and do not shy away from using multiple skincare products, provided they believe in the brand they are associated with.

Gen-Z consumers prefer looking beyond beautification and use skincare products that genuinely nourish the skin. Unlike most millennials and boomers, Gen-Z consumers cannot be persuaded by using aspirational models and celebrities for brand endorsements.

Morning Routine

The morning of an average Gen-Z consumer starts with applying a trusted gel cleanser with the help of a facial brush. Most Gen-Z customers regard facial brush to be a “Godsend” as it helps them clear their persistent acne popping up every now and then!

Then, they take their favorite skincare serum on their fingertips, warm it up by rubbing their hands together, and applying it evenly on their face and neck. They also prefer using facial sprays to keep their skin glowing and hydrated. While their faces are semi-dried, the Gen-Z consumers apply their favorite moisturizer that acts as a seal for the spray.

This is not it! After applying moisturizer, they prefer adding another layer of oil serum hybrid for extra moisture, making sure that their skin does not dry out easily. As the younger generation is not inclined towards wearing conventional make-up, this skin routine helps them keep their skin nourished for the entire day.

At times, they finish off their morning skincare routine by applying a face mask as they get ready for the day and removing it just before leaving the house.

Night Routine

If they are wearing make-up, an average Gen-Z consumer would remove the same using make-up remover wipes they trust in. This is followed by applying some cleanser using their favorite face brush. At times, the cleanser is replaced by a face mask at night before going to bed.

Most Gen-Z consumers prefer switching between different toners every night depending on the condition of their skin. Then, mirroring their morning routine, they use a facial spray that is followed by a moisturizer. Finally, they prefer ending their night with their favorite eye cream that smells nice!

As most Gen-Z consumers spend several hours in front of digital screens every day, they also prefer using a blue light protection cream to keep their skin protected from harmful radiations.

The Final Word

These were the basic differences between the morning and night skincare routines followed by boomers, millennials, and Gen-Z consumers. As all three generations co-exist, there are several instances of the routines getting overlapped, depending on how “boomer” a Gen-Z consumer is or how “lit” a boomer is!

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