Building Confidence: Skin Care Tips for Tender Teen Skin

Building Confidence: Skin Care Tips for Tender Teen Skin

Being a teenager there is already enough chaos that you are going through, making big decisions. You definitely don’t need to stress out about yet another aspect of your life trying to figure out skin care tips for tender teen skin and wonder how to take care of skin.  

Your tender skin doesn’t need to take the stress of building the perfect skincare routine. What it needs is nourishment, & care. Stressing about this is only going to cause damage, so breathe and let us come up with some healthy skin tips for face, some clear skin tips. 

How to take care of skin?

First and foremost you need to remember that your tender skin can get damaged with frequent use of harsh products. Follow some of the basic clear skin tips mentioned below.

  • Cleansing

Keep your face clean using a mild face wash for teenagers, such as the Fabbeu’s face wash depending on your skin type. If you have dry skin you can try Hail Hydration face wash by Fabbeu. 

These face wash are developed especially for teenagers keeping their unique skin requirements under consideration. 

  • Hydration

After cleansing, hydrate your skin using a hydrating moisturizer which is suitable for your skin and provides enough moisture to your skin.

  • Sun Protection

Adding sun protection to your skin care routine is a must, as your teenage tender skin can get easily damaged by the harmful sun radiation. For this you can use either Sun stoppable sunscreen with SPF 30, or Sun stoppable sunscreen with SPF 50 by Fabbeu. 

Additionally, you can also use the Blue Light moisturizer by Fabbeu which not only provides your skin with hydration but also protects from sun radiation along with the process of photoaging. 

  • Avoid hard chemical products 

While building your skin care routine, avoid any products that contain hard chemicals, as they can damage your skin. Instead go with products that are mild, have a suitable pH level. 

  • Avoid experimentation 

Don’t rush into buying products just because they worked for your friends. Your skin type might differ from theirs hence, it might damage your skin. Also avoid using any new product just because an influencer or any celebrity is talking about it. Don’t put anything or everything on your tender skin. 

  • Simple Skincare

Don’t complicate the concept of skincare by introducing way too many products. Just stick with the most basic products. It is more suitable if you keep your skincare with just three steps of cleansing, hydrating and sun protection. 

  • Avoid Touching Face

Although it is quite irresistible, avoid touching your face all the time. Your hands are in contact with different objects and surfaces and touching your face with the same hands might transfer those germs to your face, causing skin irritation, acnes. 

  • Products as per skin type

Don’t use any random product because a friend recommended it, or you saw some ad about it. First identify your skin type then invest in products as per your skin type only. 

  • Hydrated body

Keeping your body hydrate is the key to having a healthy body and clear skin. Drinking more and more water will keep your body hydrated and will help remove toxins from your blood, hence clear skin. 

  • Healthy diet  

Having a healthy diet is another important aspect for a clear skin. Providing your skin and body with required nourishment will help you have a clear and healthy skin. 

  • Gentle exfoliation 

No doubt exfoliation is an important aspect here to remove the dead skin cells, blackhead & white heads but exfoliation should be very gentle. Hard exfoliation process might damage the tender skin and cause even more skin irritation. 

As per leading dermatologists, exfoliation is recommended only once a week, so avoid over exfoliation as well. 

Skincare boosting confidence

A teenager has a lot of pressure of being presentable and good looking at all points of time, but what’s even more important is to accept your body, and your skin. Instead of trying to change your appearance, try accepting it and work on making it better with the right guidance and products suitable for your skin. 

The first step here is to address the concerns of your skin, either consult a dermatologist or figure out your skin type by simple test provided on the Fabbeu’s website. Answering a few simple questions about your skin will help you determine your skin type. 

Once through this process, learn about the requirements of your skin, does it need moisture, is it acne-prone, and others. Addressing these questions will further help you to gain more confidence in presenting yourself anywhere.

Once you start accepting your skin and body, it will automatically boost your confidence to a whole new level. Make the right decisions about your skincare products and love your skin, as much as you love other things. 

Fabbeu and Skincare

For quite a long time there has been no brand available that can offer skincare products that are specifically formulated for teenagers. Fabbeu is one of its kind brand that is offering products especially for the sensitive and tender skin of teenagers, the Gen-Z’s. 

Products developed by Fabbeu are mild, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. These are dermatologically and clinically tested as well and are completely safe to be used. Additionally, you can also avail the skincare test available on the Fabbeu’s website and purchase the products as per your skin type. 

Fabbeu has a plethora of products available to cater to each skin type and problems such as itching, redness, hyperpigmentation, anti-ageing, wrinkles, and dehydration. Here you can find products for all skin types. 

For more information browse the available products on the website. 


1. How to get glowing skin?

Ans. In order to get a glowing skin, start by building up a rigid skincare routine that is suitable for your skin type and be regular with this skincare routine. Start caring for your tender skin by following this skincare routine thoroughly. 

2. What is the best skin care routine for teenage girl?

Ans. For any teenage girl the most important question is how to take care of skin, for this you need to follow certain healthy skin tips for face that will help to keep all the skin issues at bay. Start by adding a face wash for teenager, add moisturizer and sunscreen for total protection and glowing skin. 

3. How do I know my skin type?

Ans. To identify your skin type you can take the easy skin quiz available on the website. Next step is to start building a skin care routine to care for your tender skin and add skin type suitable products. 

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