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Report Date: 16-11-2021

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Your skin concerns are

Your skin type is oily and needs deep cleansing.

Your skin secretes excess oil, and needs cleansing twice a day.

Your skin produces excessive melanin causing pigmentation.

You have clogged pores, exfoliate twice a week.

Your skin needs protection from UV rays and blue light.

Your sleep cycle is

A healthy sleep cycle is 7-8 hours. A poor sleep cycle can have negative effects on your skin.

You have a healthy sleep cycle. Keep it up!

More than enough
A healthy sleep cycle is 7-8 hours. However, sleeping for more than 9 hours can invite a lot of health problems.

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Your stress level is

You experience stress rarely, and at a lower intensity. Well done!

Your stress level is moderate. Keep going, you’re almost there!

Not recommended
Your stress level is high. Chin up, you’ve got this!

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Your water Intake per day

Poor water intake
Your water intake is less than recommended. Poor water intake can harm your skin.

Optimum water intake
Your water intake is optimum. Keep it up!

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