Winter Face Wash: Your Ultimate Guide to Hydrated and Healthy Skin in Cold Weather

Winter Face Wash: Your Ultimate Guide to Hydrated and Healthy Skin in Cold Weather

Since winters are here, the struggle of finding a perfect dry skin face wash has already begun. This never ending quest of finding a suitable winter face wash for all types of skin. The reason being that during the winter season our skin becomes extremely sensitive and needs extra care. 

We often make a mistake of not hydrating ourselves properly during the winter season, hence aggravated skin issues. However, this can be easily resolved by hydrating properly by using a hydrating face wash and by incorporating proper hydrating in diet as well. 

However, here in this article we are going to discuss the ultimate guide to keep the skin healthy and hydrated throughout the winter season. 

Picking Out the Right Winter Face Wash

During the winter season, your skin requires extra effort to take care of it, and especially in your teenage years it is even more important to keep it healthy. Hence, picking out the right face wash becomes a challenge. 

Although different skin types require different care and different products. One thing is common which is hydration throughout the time. This can be achieved by using a skin type suitable face wash by a reliable brand such as Fabbeu. 

Winter Skin Care Routine for Healthy Skin

Winters can be harsh on skin, and we understand that hence, we have curated a simple yet effective winter skincare routine for your delicate teenage skin. The only requirement is to be regular with this skin care routine for better results. 

Starting with the basics, the first step of the skin care routine is to incorporate a winter face wash that is suitable for your skin type. Be it dry, normal, or oily skin, choose a face wash that is aligned with the skin issues you have. 

Hence, it is advisable to invest in a suitable winter face wash and a reliable brand such as Fabbeu. Here at Fabbeu we have formulated face wash for all skin types depending on the different requirements of different skin types. 

From our collection we have Hail Hydration dry skin face wash, Glow Getter normal skin face wash, and Zip-it-Zits oily face wash. From these you can choose the one that’s more suitable for your skin type.  

Here are a few details of the winter face wash by Fabbeu 

Hail Hydration Dry Skin Face Wash

Hail Hydration is formulated with shea butter to help keep the skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. This winter face wash for dry skin is suitable as it allows the skin to get all the required moisture and hydration in the dry winter season. Furthermore, it contains glycolic acid that helps to remove all the dirt, dust and dead skin cells from the skin. 

Additionally, Hail Hydration dry skin face wash contains vitamin E that helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors. Another major ingredient is Ferulic Acid that fights the free radicals and helps to keep the skin healthy for a longer period of time. 

Fabbeu’s Glow Getter Face Wash

This is a normal skin face wash which is suitable to treat uneven skin tone, removes dead skin cells, helps provide nourishment to the skin, and brightens up the dull skin. Its ingredients such as Licorice extract helps to remove excessive melanin from the skin, Kojic Acid for an even skin tone and texture, and Lactic Acid for removing the dead skin cells and removing the impurities from the skin. 

The next step in the skin care routine is to add a hydrating face moisturizer or a day cream such as Fabbeu’s Glow Getter face brightening cream or Blue light protection cream both of which are hydrating and can be used as a day cream in the winter season. 

The last and most important step being incorporation of a SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. Adding a suitable sunscreen will further help to protect the skin from the harmful sun radiation and provides a shielding effect to the skin. 

Choosing the Right Products

Having discussed the winter skin care routine the next step is to pick the best and most suitable skin care products as per your skin type. Here is a quick guide for you to help pick the suitable products for this winter season. 

  • Identify the Skin Type
  • The first step towards skin care is to identify your skin type and invest in products depending on that only. Once you start this journey of identifying the skin type you will have either dry, normal or oily skin type. Depending on this you can start investing and researching for the products that are suitable for your skin type. 

  • Look for Hydrating Ingredients
  • Since the winter season causes the skin to dry more, it is advisable to look for hydrating skin care products such as a hydrating winter face wash, or a hydrating face cream. While looking for such products also consider your skin type and the level of moisturization your skin requires. 

    If you have oily skin then you need a hydrating but light texture skin care products range, however, with dry skin, you need a hydrating dry skin face wash with a long lasting day cream. 

  • Research About the Ingredients
  • Look which ingredients are suitable for your skin type. Oily face wash should be having ingredients that can help reduce the oil production on the face and help attain an oil free look. Whereas for normal skin face wash there is no such requirement. However, with dry skin face wash you need long lasting hydration. 

  • Look For a Reliable Brand 
  • Check for a brand that is reliable, and is offering products in different skin types depending on your skin issues. Don’t experiment with each and every brand. Instead do some research and look for brands that have similar products as per your requirement. 

    Concluding Thoughts

    Winter is always harsh on the skin, hence, it requires more care and carefully assorted products. It is advisable to invest in products suitable for your skin type and maintain a healthy & balanced diet along with a healthy skin care routine. 

    With Fabbeu’s range of skin care products you get dry skin face wash, normal skin face wash, and oily face wash that are regarded as one of the best winter face wash. Try Fabbeu today for your delicate teenage winter skin. 


    1. Why is a winter face wash necessary?

    Ans. Winter face wash is necessary as the skin requires extra care during winter and it needs hydrating in the dry winter which can be provided to the skin by incorporating a suitable winter face wash. 

    2. What makes a face wash suitable for winter?

    Ans. A face wash is suitable for winter if it can offer hydration to the skin and keep the moisture locked in for a longer period of time. This will allow the skin to be hydrated for a longer period of time, hence fulfilling the requirements of a suitable winter face wash. 

    3. How often should I use a winter face wash?

    Ans. Winter face wash is just any other regular face wash, and it should be used at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed to remove any dust, dirt and impurities from your skin and help you get a healthy skin.

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