Teen Skincare Habits

Preventing Future Skin Issues: Teen Skincare Habits to Continue for Life

The phase of teenage brings a lot of new and different aspects of life. Some of the aspects we embrace while others we try to avoid. One such aspect that we often brush aside is teen skin problems and issues that come with the hormonal, physiological changes that the body is going through during this phase. 

With teenage life these changes can add some extra stress and anxiety to your life. However, one thing that brings out relief is that this is extremely normal and every teenager goes through this, experiences the same problems. 

What makes the difference here is how you tackle these problems. Stressing about any of this is not going to be of any help, instead it might aggravate the already existing problems. We have already discussed developing a teenage skincare routine, how to identify the best suitable products as per your skin type and tips to care for sensitive skin. 

Teenage Skin Care Routine

Starting with the most basic points of identifying the skin type and investing in products suitable for the skin type. Next using gentle, mild products only and avoiding harsh chemicals and strong products. 

Moving on, treat your skin with utmost care and avoid any form of over treatment such as over-exfoliation, and cleansing as well. This is only going to damage the skin as the top most layer of skin is extremely delicate and can be easily damaged with over exposure to such processes. 

Next important step here is sun protection, whatever skin type you have, applying a moisturizing SPF rich sunscreen throughout the year is necessary. Not only is it going to protect your skin from the UV and other harmful rays from the sun, but it is also going to offer you protection from anti-ageing, wrinkles, etc. 

Blue light moisturizer from Fabbeu is one such product that comes with SPF protection, suitable for all skin types and age groups and offers protection from sun radiation, it also helps your skin prevent anti-aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, and photoaging as well. 

Skin Care Habits

For the teen skin it is highly recommended to use a simple skin care routine with simple and gentle products. In our previous blogs we have already discussed how to develop the skin care routine for teens, and how to choose the right products. Here we are going to discuss skincare products and habits for your teen skin that are going to help you avoid any skin problems in the future. 

  • Cleansing 

For your delicate teen skin, use a teenage face wash that is gentle on your skin. Make sure that you cleanse your face regularly to avoid any kind of dirt or impurities.

You can use the Hail Hydration Face cleanser by Fabbeu for an effective cleansing process, as this facewash not only cleanses but also offers hydration to your skin.  

  • Moisturising 

As the second step after cleansing your skin, moisturize your skin with a hydrating moisturizer. Use a light-weight moisturizer for oily and sensitive skin, however, a heavy moisturize is more suitable for a dry skin type. 

Look for ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Glycol, etc. 

You can browse the moisturizer range by Fabbeu as the products are suitable for teen skin and have been formulated especially for the delicate teenage skin. 

  • Sun Protection

The most important step of the skin care routine is to incorporate sun protection sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. Use Sun stoppable with SPF 30 or SPF 50 by Fabbeu for better effect. 

Additionally, you can also use Blue Light moisturizer by Fabbeu as it provides protection against the harmful sun radiations along with hyperpigmentation, early ageing, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, along with protection from long hour exposure to the harmful blue rays emitted by the screens (mobiles, laptops, etc.). 

  • Hydration

Hydrate your skin & body on regular intervals. Drinking more and more water will help you flush out any toxins in your blood and body, providing you with healthy skin in the end. 

This will help you to maintain a simple teenage skin care routine as more hydration leads to lesser skin problems. Hence, economical as well, as you won’t be spending more on the skin care products. 

  • Healthy Diet

Maintain a healthy diet throughout and provide your body with good nourished food. This will lead to a healthy body and skin and reduced skin problems or any health issues. 

Incorporate foods rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin C, B3, and E for a better lifestyle and skin. 

  • Makeup Removal

Being a teenager, yes there is a certain amount of pressure to look good and presentable at all times but always remove your makeup before going to bed. This is the time when your skin will breathe and self-heal any skin issues. Wearing makeup all the time forms a layer on the skin which can restrict the breathing of skin and hence more prone to acne, blemishes, dehydration, and hyperpigmentation as well. 

  • Treatment 

If you have severe skin issues consult your doctor, and don’t experiment with the household tricks available online. These tricks might or might not work and can also aggravate your skin issues. Hence, avoid using any of the old wife’s tricks. 

  • Sweat it Out

As active as you are on social media platforms, try to maintain an active lifestyle outside as well. Do exercises, go for a jog or walk, sweat out as often as possible. 

Sweating will also help release toxins and hormones which will help you have a clear skin. 

Teen Skin with Fabbeu

Following the above-mentioned tips will keep any kind of skin issues at bay today and in future as well. Once you incorporate these tips into your teenage skin routine it becomes easy to follow and help you prevent your skin from any future skin issues. 

Further for more suitable products suitable for your skin type you can browse through the wide range of products available at Fabbeu. Being a teenage century brand the products formulated are completely safe for the teen skin. 


1. Is 17 too late to start skincare?

Ans. When it comes to skincare there is no right time. The time is right when you start the skincare routine. Start caring for your teen skin however as early as you can to avoid any acne, blemishes, or early signs of ageing. 

2. Which age is best for skin care?

Ans. The teen skin is very delicate and sensitive hence for this you should start with skincare as early as you can. However, there is no rule that defines a certain age, it completely depends on your own choice. 

3. Which moisturizer is best for teenage skin?

Ans. For teenage skin care routine start by adding a teenage face wash, and a hydrating moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. This moisturizer can be different depending on your skin type. 

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