Here Is How Gen-Z Is Approaching Skincare In 2022.

Here Is How Gen-Z Is Approaching Skincare In 2022.

As we see the millennial trends get watered down every single day, the rise of Gen-Z trends becomes more and more evident. Gen-Z consumers are obsessed with maintaining the status quo without making any compromises. Being the first generation to be born and raised during the time when digitization was already a thing, a lot of decisions made by Gen-Z consumers are driven by the latest technological trends. They prefer going for a Netflix marathon instead of watching TV shows airing on, wait for it, television! They prefer expressing themselves through reels and use the same to connect with like-minded peers.

When it comes to skincare, the approach of the Gen-Z consumers is no different. The adrenaline-seeking tech-loving generation is willing to experiment with skincare by combining it with technology. Growing up in the age of digitization, a lot of their confidence comes from external validation and the need to look ‘dapper’ at all times. Moreover, thanks to global influence, the Gen-Z audience is considerably more progressive and ‘woke’ in their choices as compared to the millennials. They are conscious of the harmful effects of chemicals and radiation like blue light on the skin. This often makes it a mammoth task for skincare brands to impress the Gen-Z audience. However, if they do it right, they are in for a treat!

Here are some of the most prominent ways in which Gen-Z is approaching skincare in 2022:

Finding An Extension Of Themselves

Along with choosing brands that provide high-quality and safe skincare products, the Gen-Z audience is inclined towards finding an extension of themselves in the brands they associate themselves with. This is the reason most skincare brands prefer associating themselves with popular Gen-Z influencers to give the company a distinct personality.

When it comes to taking a moral, ethical, and social stand, Gen-Z is not willing to make compromises whatsoever. They are willing to find themselves in the brands they engage with and the products they choose. When it comes to skincare, many Gen-Z consumers prefer associating with brands whose values, ethics, and ideologies are in sync with them. For example, if a consumer spends a lot of time in front of digital screens and is aware of the harmful effects of the same, they would immediately be impressed by a brand providing them with products that cater to their under-eye dark circles and protect their skin from the harmful effects of the blue light.

Steering Away From Beautification Without Substance

Over time, generations have become more accepting of the way they look. Unlike the millennials and the Gen-X consumers who were obsessed with the color of their skins and the shape of their bodies, the Gen-Z audience prefers feeling comfortable in their own skin. Today, the users of skincare products are not willing to lighten their skin tone and hide their freckles. They are willing to flaunt them and nourish their skin with products that address the core issue.

This has shifted the focus from mere beautification to beautification with substance. Gen-Z consumers have made some of the leading cosmetics brands come up with hybrid beauty products that prioritize skincare over beautification. Being socially aware, progressive, and inclusive of all skin types and colors, the younger generation has adapted to a skincare routine that makes their skin feel healthy.

Rise Of ‘Skinimalism’

‘Skinimalism’, or skin minimalism, is a Gen-Z trend that has started making waves during recent times. As the name suggests, skinimalism is all about keeping it simple, subtle, and minimum when it comes to skincare. Gone are the days when the make-up kits weighed more than the people carrying them! The Gen-Z audience is happy with the way they look naturally and choose skincare routines that merely enhance the same.

The trend of skinimalism is representative of the generation itself. Gen-Z consumers are not willing to hide anything, be it the color of their skin or its texture. In fact, they are willing to highlight the way they look by using the right skincare products. The rise of ‘skinimalism’ has made companies revamp their brand positioning while catering to the Gen-Z audience.

Incorporation Of Technology

The Gen-Z audience is obsessed with the latest technological advancements and wants the same to be incorporated in everything they do. Right from artificial intelligence and machine learning to virtual and augmented reality, the younger generation is willing to expand their horizons with the right technologies.

Naturally, this love for technology extends to the Gen-Z consumers’ choice of skincare products and services. The younger population will, by default, be driven towards products that are manufactured using advanced technologies. They also prefer getting skincare services with tools and gadgets that are in sync with the latest technological trends.

This has encouraged brands to incorporate the latest tech trends in their services. For example, if you use an AI skin analysis machine to assess the skin type of your customers and give them tailor-made suggestions, your brand would instantly click with the tech-savvy Gen-Z audience. Skincare brands across the world have realized that the approach of the Gen-Z audience towards skincare is not independent of technology and have started incorporating the same in their products and services.

The Age Of Instant Gratification

For the generation that is growing up in the age of microblogging, it is difficult to have patience when it comes to seeing the desired results on using skincare products. Without compromising on the quality of products, the Gen-Z audience prefers instant gratification on using the same. This has made skincare brands scratch their heads to come up with products that start showing favorable results without making the consumers wait.

The Final Word

These were some of the major ways in which Gen-Z consumers are approaching skincare in 2022. Despite being a difficult generation to please, its passion for sustainable, safe, and authentic skincare is immense. Once you have won them over, they are bound to shower your brand with all the love in the world!

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