Choosing the Perfect Moisturizer for Sensitive Teen Skin

Choosing the Perfect Moisturizer for Sensitive Teen Skin

What’s the one thing that you desired the most as a teenager? A cool friend circle, good academics, trips to the beach and mountains. Maybe all this, but one thing above all this: a flawless, glowing skin, without any acne issues. The struggle starts with choosing the perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin if that’s your skin type. 

But the chaos and terror of trying new skincare products and choosing the one that’s suitable to your sensitive skin. Numerous questions popping in your head about your skin type, the products you can and cannot use, about the different products available in the market. Yes, it indeed is a confusing phase. 

Further in this blog we will be decoding the secret on how to tackle all these horrifying questions. First and foremost don’t get overwhelmed with all the options available in the market, not all products are meant for you. 

Understanding the Basics

Before you start your own quest and set out on a mission to find the perfect skin care products for your skin, let’s learn a few basics that will help you identify what is good for you. 

Every individual is different and so is their skin type, so a product that works for your friend or sibling might not work for you, no matter how similar your food habits, lifestyle, or even skin type is. 

In a broad aspect skin type can be differentiated into the categories:

  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin  
  • Combination Skin
  • Normal Skin
  • Sensitive Skin 

Among all these skin types, people with sensitive skin and oil skin usually face the most problems as they are more prone to skin issues such as acne. This happens because people with oily, and sensitive skin tend to have more oil secretion on their face which can clog their pores and hence, more skin irritation. 

As a next step, learn about different types of products available in the market. While searching for a suitable skin care product a very often used term is moisturizers. Whereas, the term moisturizer is simply a product that offers hydration and moisture to your skin, preventing dehydration. But this can be further categorized into four main categories. 

  • Gels: this is a water-based product and feels light on the skin when applied. 
  • Lotions: this feels a bit heavy as compared to a gel based product. 
  • Ointments: these are the thickets of all, and form a thick layer on the skin.
  • Creams: contains more oil content and provides more hydration & moisture compared to gel, and lotions. 

How to Identify the Right Product?

Moving on, now that you have already identified your skin type and learnt about different categories of products available, let’s learn which product is best for your skin. But before you do that here are a few key points that you need to remember during the process:

  • Identify your skin type 
  • Avoid experimenting new products 
  • Avoid using a lot of products 
  • Keep your skincare routine simple  
  • Don’t use harsh chemical products 
  • Use mild and gentle products 

Additionally, when you are on the quest to find the right moisturizer for your sensitive skin, here are a few tips that will help you through the process. 

  • Sun Protection

No matter what products suit your skin, what your skin type is, having a moisturizer that offers sun protection is a must. Your skin is very delicate and can be damaged due to harmful sun radiations, and long-hour sun exposure. For this you need a moisturizer that can offer your skin protection against that, primarily a product with SPF 30

You can browse skincare products from Fabbeu which are designed especially for teenagers and their unique skin problems. 

  • Hydration

A hydrated skin is a happy skin. Always go with a moisturizer that offers a good amount of hydration, as sensitive skin along with dry and oily skin requires more hydration.  

Fabbeu’s sunscreen for dry sensitive skin is a product that you can try for both sun protection and hydration. 

  • Antioxidants 

Having antioxidants in your diet is not enough, your skin needs some antioxidants as well because of their anti-aging properties. These antioxidants help your skin to be nourished better and slow down the ageing process. 

Which Moisturizer is Better?

Depending on your skin type, different types of moisturizers will suit your skin. Here is a small guide to help you: 

  • Sensitive Skin: always go with a mild moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores and let your skin breathe. A lightweight moisturizer is something that you are looking for. 
  • Oily Skin: moisturizers with less oil content, such as gel-based are more suitable for your skin type as they are light on the skin.
  • Dry Skin: use a moisturizer with highest moisture content and hydration. 

Building Skincare Routine with Fabbeu

Being a teenager, you have a highly sensitive skin and it can get damaged easily with frequent use of diverse products. At this point what your skin needs is proper nourishment, hydration, and care, which can be done with simplest products as well. 

Develop a simple skincare routine including only three steps: cleansing, moisturizing, & applying SPF. 

Majority of the products available in the market are too harsh for your teenage skin, hence go for brands such as Fabbeu which is a Gen-Z brand and has developed products for delicate teenager skin. 

Here you can explore different products such as face wash for dry sensitive skin, sunscreen for dry sensitive skin, moisturizer for oily, dry and sensitive skin. Along with this Fabbeu also consists of the best face wash for sensitive oily skin, hence, covering all different types of skins and their requirements. 


1. How do I choose the best moisturizer for sensitive skin?

Ans. While choosing moisturizer for sensitive skin keep in mind that it should be lightweight, low in oil content, and reduce the oil accumulation on the face. 

 2. Should I use moisturizer if I have sensitive skin?

Ans. Using a moisturizer for sensitive skin is a must, even the sensitive skin needs some form of moisturization for the skin. A skin type suitable moisturizer should be used which doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and provides perfect moisturization to the skin. 

3. How do I choose skincare product for sensitive skin?

Ans. While choosing the skincare products for sensitive skin consider using lightweight, low oil-content products. Also these products should have non-comedogenic properties to avoid pore clogging.


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