Here Are Some Quick Solutions To Nourish Your Skin.

Here Are Some Quick Solutions To Nourish Your Skin.

We live in an age where Gen-Z consumers are ruling the market. When it comes to skincare, the focus has shifted from mere beautification to genuine nourishment. The younger generation is aware of the ingredients used in the skincare products they use and are very particular about the care their skin gets.

Skin nourishment today is not dependent on cosmetic products that can be used as make-up accessories. Gen-Z consumers are comfortable in their own ‘skin’ (pun intended!) and want to focus on enhancing the core to nourish their skin. However, dramatic as they are, teenagers and young adults hate to encounter pimples, rashes, marks, and a range of other skin issues if they have a gathering or a party lined up. Although this is not a make-up-wearing generation, the obsession with skincare is real!

If you have added a big party or a much-awaited friends’ meet-up to your calendars and are not willing to take any chances when it comes to skincare, here are some quick and simple ways in which you can nourish your skin:

Use Virgin Coconut Oil

If you want to make your skin smooth and give it an even tone, you should definitely try virgin coconut oil on your skin. Naturally, coconut has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties that nourish your skin. Unless you have an allergy to coconut, you can apply coconut oil to your skin to make it smoother over time.

If your body does not respond to coconut oil in an adverse way, it can always be used for soothing your skin barrier, removing make-up, and giving a dewy look to your skin below the surface layer. Using coconut oil on your skin gives a natural and fresh glow to your skin, helping you prepare for a party lined up!

Moreover, coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin. Take a small amount of oil in your palms and apply it evenly to your face. Let your skin soak it for a few minutes after massaging your face and wash it off with care. A remedy as simple as this can help you provide much-needed nourishment to your skin.

Apply Aloe Vera

You must have noticed that aloe vera is a common ingredient used in skincare products. It has natural healing properties and stimulates the growth of healthy cells on your skin. It also moisturizes your skin and prevents clogging of pores, especially if you have oily skin.

To keep your skin nourished, it is advisable to apply some aloe vera after washing your face every day. However, it is possible that you may be allergic to aloe vera. In such cases, always test it by rubbing a small portion of aloe vera on areas like your forearm and see if there is any reaction for 24 hours. If your skin does not react in a negative way, you are good to go!

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

If you have a party or gathering planned in a few days, one of the best ways of nourishing your skin is to keep it moisturized. Especially during winters, your skin tends to get dry, resulting in rashes and marks caused due to scratching. Always make sure that your skin stays moisturized well, whether you use skincare products, natural moisturizers, or simply water.

The best way to go about your skincare routine is to apply moisturizer at least twice a day after washing your face or taking a bath. This would prevent your skin from getting dry and help it retain its natural glow. Never make the mistake of exfoliating if you have inherently dry skin or skipping moisturizers before you have a gathering planned.

Also, make sure that you apply moisturizer to your skin while it is still wet. This would help you lock in extra moisture for your skin instead of merely working on the surface level.

Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

As basic as it may sound, it is never advisable to take any chances before you have an important party to attend. Especially during summers, make sure you wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Even on days when it is raining, it is advisable to apply sunscreen every morning to keep your skin healthy and safe.

Have An Ideal Cleansing Routine

Choosing the right cleansing routine is always important to keep your skin nourished. People often make the mistake of robbing their skin of its moisture by washing it too often. This would make your skin dry and lead to other complications.

While you cannot afford to wash your skin a lot, you cannot allow sebum to clog the pores as well. This is why it is important to find the right cleansing routine before you head out for your much-awaited party.

Ideally, the sweet spot for your skin is washing your face twice a day (after waking up in the morning and before you go to bed at night) after working up a sweat. This would help you retain your skin’s moisture and prevent it from getting dried up.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure To Digital Screens

Until the day of your party, try reducing exposure to digital screens as much as possible. The blue light emitted by these screens damages your skin and causes a range of skin issues, including spots, wrinkles, acne, and more. If it is unavoidable for you to spend a lot of time in front of screens, make sure you apply blue light protection cream to keep your skin safe from harmful radiations.

The Final Word

These were some of the most basic, simple, yet important ways of keeping your skin nourished if you have a much-awaited party or a friends’ meet-up in a few days. Above all, make sure you stay relaxed and stress-free, which is certainly the most important skin care tip!

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